My experience has shown that the secret for successful, energy-saving landscapes and gardens is to partner with soil microorganisms to grow amazing plants. These friendly workers help the plant, draw up water and air economically, make soil nutrients more available, and keep pathogens at bay. To start we ask.

What kind of soil do you have on your property?

Is it alkaline or acid? Arizona’s are mostly alkaline. (less acid) The pH chart shows 7 as neutral, 14 as alkaline and 1 as acid. Arizona nurseries, landscape contractors, and gardeners claim slightly different pH numbers. I inoculate your soil with humic substances so that you can have any plant you want without struggling with the soil pH issue. You can can have Gardenias, Cacti, Oaks, sparkling green low water-use lawns regardless of the clay content and pH readings.

Visit the following site for a more complete explanation of pH.

Can my soil be tested?

Yes. Most labs in Phoenix charge a fee. UofA does not offer soil testing. A soil test report shows the mineral, organic and chemical composition of the soil. It is used to determine ways to build the soil to its optimum life supporting power.

See this site:

For an explanation of soil sampling and analysis go to: or you can Email me at for my simple, one-page set of instructions that help you get a rough idea of your soil’s composition.

Is soil building the same as fertilizing? NO!

Construction, abuse of soil, and destructive growing practices have robbed us of our major natural resource to grow plants–fertile, living soil. The key that opens the door to establish the natural processes is to change the soil condition into an environment that is favorable to beneficial microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and others that never cause diseases). These microorganisms work unseen and below ground to help build the soil’s water-holding capacity, protect plants from pathogens, degrade polluting compounds that could inhibit growth, help roots absorb nutrients and water. The plant uses less water to grow and stay healthy. For soil building products go to or e mail me to find out about my living, humic soil building system to restore the natural processes of your soil.