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About Clemente Design and Founder Frank Clemente

Clemente Design is where the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes in Phoenix, Arizona are both envisioned and realized. What inspires these sustainable gardens and outdoor retreats are the worldly experiences, years of education, and artistic inclinations of Landscape Architect Frank Clemente.

Frank’s Approach To Landscape Design

Frank’s approach to landscape design begins with an artistic eye that has been trained to see what makes each garden space unique to its natural environment. Having lived internationally, Frank has always held a deep appreciation for the classical environments, architecture and construction he encountered while traveling through countries like Italy, France and Mexico. This self-driven schooling now enables him to bring together the distinctive colors, textures and self-sustaining engineering that define how his designs will both look, feel and function once created.

Design Is Tailored To Your Lifestyle

The next step in Frank’s process is to custom tailor your landscape design to match your lifestyle together with the intended purpose of the space, whether your yard is meant to be a relaxing private oasis, an entertainer’s courtyard or a gathering place for family and friends. Utilizing his education from the Desert Botanical Garden, the College of Architecture at Arizona State University (ASU) and the University of Southern California (USC) where he studied under internationally renowned architect Pierre Koenig, Frank gathers his knowledge and experience to design landscapes that are sustainably advanced while directly expressing the beauty you want to be close to and enjoy.

Going Beyond Design

Stepping beyond designing landscapes, Frank believes in continuing the pursuit of education not only to strengthen his own skills and abilities to better serve his clients, but to also enrich the community. His highly informative articles have established Clemente Design as an expert resource on the five pillars of landscaping – soil, microclimates, sun, shade, water and plants. In addition, Frank has shared his expertise as co-host of The Green Roundtable Show with David Isaac on KPHX (1440 AM), a radio program specifically designed to support local Phoenix green businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs.

What Inspires All of Frank’s Creations?

At the root of what inspires all of Frank’s creations, from his landscape designs to the knowledge he shares, is the intrinsic understanding that love, energy and intuition are the fundamental elements that nourish not only the plants in our landscaping, but our lives. Frank’s enduring passion for the environment, art, sustainability, culture and knowledge inspires him to cultivate the life force that nourishes plants to thrive and your landscape to serve your body, mind and spirit


  • While working his way through ASU, his employer awarded him with one semester paid tuition in the field of architecture.
  • Frank was Awarded the American Institute of Architects first year design excellence at ASU.
  • Frank’s ASU professor offered him a full scholarship at Cornell University in Urban Planning. His professor was being made the head of that department and he wanted Frank to come with him to Cornell. Frank did not attend due to the passing of his father in California. Family duties and administration were the main factors.
  • While in California Frank attended USC and studied under internationally known architect — Pierre Koenig.


  • Architectural watercolor, pencil and ink renderings
  • CAD /hand drafting
  • Structural engineering drafting
  • Microsoft Publisher and Word
  • Custom Home Design and Remodeling
  • Water Features, BBQ, Pegola and Swimming Pool Design
  • Edible raised-bed garden design and installation
  • Themed landscapes: Xeriscapes, Permaculture Based Landscapes, Mediterranean, High tech, Semi-Tropical, Organic and Zen.
  • Custom Home & Landscape installation oversight & management

Other Studies

  • Desert Botanical Certificate
  • Frank also attended The Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles, CA.
  • He is a graduate of the Arizona Desert Botanical Landscape School.
  • Organic gardening Graduate of the Green Guerrilla School of N. Y.
  • Earthflow Permaculture course in Sedona, Arizona under the tutelage of its director Larry Santoyo – headquartered in Los Angeles, California.
  • Self-educating tour of classical architecture and construction in Italy, France and Mexico.


Frank co-hosted The Green Roundtable Show with his co-host David Isaac on KPHX (1440 AM) radio. Show guests included Steve Thomas and Tom Silva of This Old House Television Show.
Listen to the Green Roundtable Shows
The Green Roundtable Show supported local Phoenix green businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs.


Frank was associated with Friedman and Shields interior designers in Scottsdale, Arizona for 8 years. The team won first place in The Tour de Noel competition for best custom home design. It was featured in Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine in 2006.
Frank was one of the team designers for the remodeling of The Royal Palms Inn, on E. Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ

A Special Message from Frank:

In order to better understand the challenges you face when planning and building your landscaping,  I would like to ask you the question:

What’s your number one single biggest landscape design challenge you are struggling with right now?”

Based on the topics that arise from your answers to this question, I will be able to provide direct, actionable solutions to Arizona’s most common landscape design challenges from withstanding the extreme heat to effective water usage. So often we shadow our experience by allowing our challenges to deter us from realizing the beauty that surrounds us. I want to help you find the solution that will help you see past any challenge and realize the life changing magnificence that exists just beyond your outdoor garden.

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