Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What could delay a project?

Rain, Unforseen delays by the supplier of materials to the site, Extreme heat, Homeowner goes on vacation. Another client has an emergency which needs attention.

Q: What you need to tell us
  1. What is the biggest challenge you face with your landscaping today?
  2. What is your vision for the outdoor space?
  3. What are your year-round outdoor activities
  4. When do you want this done?
  5. Is the landscape to be installed in phases?
  6. Is the landscape plan used to submit to an HOA?
  7. Define views, privacy issues, and any drainage problems
  8. What allowances must be made for pets? small children?
Q: What do you do with the information we've given to you?

We create a written program with photos to define what is needed and wanted. Budget is defined

Q: What are the fundamental steps to the design process?
  1. Visit to the site, take photos, measure the ares scheduled (in some cases we call Blue Stake to inspect the property for buried pipes and cables)
  2. Draw a CAD plan to show existing conditions
  3. Create a Pre-design conceptual plan that shows the those spaces scheduled for development’. Client reviews
  4. Draw a Design Development on CAD in more detail-Client reviews
  5. Draw a Hardscape Plan ( patios, decks, BBQ’s, play areas, etc.)
  6. Draw a Plant Plan with color photos of each plant type and their location on the property.Plant schedule (mid point client review)
  7. Draw a lighting plan with fixture locations ( LED) with fixture schedule
  8. Plans of structures with connection details ( engineering billed extra) for HOA, county and/or
  9. Detail to-scale drawings of fire pits, BBQ’s Ramadas, etc
Q: How many changes can I make to the drawings?
Changes can be made without incurring added fees at the time of the three schedule reviews
Q: How are the installation bids presented?
All steps or services are listed with prices for each service. It’s an itemized list with costs.
Q: Is the installer licensed, insured?

Yes all our installers are licensed and insured.

Q: How long does a typical residential project take?
It varies. As a general rule two to three weeks from the time plans are approved by you ( HOA. or city add to the time line)

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